Enp le 05 Mars 2019

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Le Théme :  Modélisation des machines électriques par méthode des sous domaines.

Intervenant: Dr  Frédéric  DUBAS

Dr. Frédéric DUBAS is currently an Associate Professor with the Department ENERGIE, FEMTO-ST Institute affiliated to the CNRS and jointly with the “University of France-Comté” (Besançon, France). He is the Head of the “Electrical Actuators” group in the “Hybrid & Fuel Cell Systems, Electrical Machines (SHARPAC)” Team. He works with ALSTOM Transports (Ornans, France) and RENAULT Technocenter ( Guyancourt, France ) where he is involved in the modelling, design and optimization of electrical systems in particular induction and PM synchronous ( radial and/or axial flux) machines, creative problem solving and electrical propulsion/ traction . Dr Dubas received the Prize Paper Awards in the IEEE Conference vehicle Power and Propulsion ( VPPC) in 2005 as well as the Prize Presentation Awards in the 19th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems ( ICEMS) IN 2017